Ten Years of Fat

Production fat bikes have been around for ten years, it turns out.

I bought my first Pugsley in 2010, rode it through out that year, and then sold it to a friend of a friend in 2011.

2010-12-19 14.56.01


After going without a fat-bike for most of that summer, I bought my second Pugsley, known as the Ox. It started out single, is now geared, and may be single again some day soon.

At rest

At rest

And then I built up another one a little over a year ago (after trading away a yellow Pugsley frameset and then buying a used black one). It’s fixed, going single.

2015-01-11 15.18.55


And wouldn’t you know…I’ve got a set of Clown Shoes waiting to become wheels, which will be the basis of the next one. Someday.

Never enough fat, it would seem.

Bay Area Interlude

San Francisco is, without doubt, my favorite American city. We try to visit once a year or so, often during the coldest part of the Wisconsin winter. It’s warm but not hot, everything is green, there’s always something interesting to do.

No cycling during this vacation, but plenty of walking, transit, and even some use of Uber (which is justĀ weird). It was our version of a relaxation vacation (as opposed to an adventure vacation): parks, gardens, beaches, coffee, beer, good food. Few fixed plans, lots of taking it easy.

Now if someone in the Bay area would just hire me…

A Brief Hiatus

I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from blogging here at Singularity while WordPress figures out how to fix a billing cock-up.

Until they do, I can’t post any more new photographs–and without photos, it’s just me talking…so here are a few non-new photographs to keep you occupied.

Back in a bit.

The 3-Way

If I have a favorite tool, it’s this one: the Park Tool 3-Way hex wrench.

2015-02-01 12.22.47

I have at least four–if not six–of these floating around and it’s often the first thing I pick up when I’m in the shop. Sometimes, whether I need it or not.

And it makes such a particular sound when dropped that I’m convinced my wife can use it to echolocate me in the house.