2014-09-30 15.34.10

Time or Miles?

As often as I can, I take the long way home from work. Instead of 6-7 miles in 20-30 minutes, this gets me about 20 miles of riding in roughly 1.5 hours (I’m generally not in a hurry in either case). The short way takes me through central Madison along a route made up partly of bikes paths and partly of neighborhood streets. Most variants of the long way take me along the southern edges of town using bike paths, neighborhood streets, and a country road or two.

2014-09-30 15.34.10

Part of the reason that I take the long way home–besides the fact that I love riding my bike–is that sooner or later my mind will slip into a fluid state in which my thoughts flow and float along. This is not only a highly useful way to think through the problems of the world, but it’s also the single best way to let the work day evaporate.

But I don’t seem able to slip into this flow state right away. It takes some amount of riding. One of the things that bubbled up into the foreground when I was riding home last night is this: is it miles or time that’s required to attain this mental flow state? Or perhaps something else, like a minimum level of exertion or just getting out of the traffic grid and on to a path in the woods?

Clearly more data is required.

That way, thankfully, goes down.

(Weekend) Sponsorship

This weekend was brought to you by bikes, coffee, fire, beer, bikes, and bikes.

A long ride home after work, errands and coffeeneuring, and a ride to the New Glarus Brewery, among other things.

Wannabe Rivendell

After work today, I took the long way home. When stopped to clear some leaves (of which there are many right now) from the cassette so that I could shift into the smaller cogs, I discovered that the Devil now wants to be a Rivendell, complete with a second top  tube.

Perhaps if I sell off a couple more bikes, I’ll add a Rivendell as a companion for the Devil. Until then, it’s just going to have to pretend. And even then, I’m short enough that I probably won’t end up with a frame that has a second top-tube anyway.

And yet we’ll soldier on…

Another Departure

The thinning of the fleet continues. What started with the Karate Monkey and the Smoothie continues with the Azor Kruis. It’s almost starting to feel like I own a reasonable number of bicycles. Almost.

2014-10-11 10.39.06

I bought this elegant beast in 2008 after a nagging shoulder injury made it nearly impossible to ride in a non-upright position–and certainly made it too painful to do so. I used it for non-winter commuting and utility cycling for a couple of years, but then stopped riding it much after my shoulder healed to the point where I could ride a road bike again.

A dynamo hub up front and an IGH (both Nexus) in the rear, both with roller brakes, made it basically maintenance-free and good in all weathers, and I never even had to lube the chain until the cheapish vinyl chaincase suffered its demise at the hands of a ham-fisted and overzealous mechanic (me). The AXA Defender frame lock with its chain extension made it easy to lock up to anything and everything–though I often didn’t bother with the chain unless I was parking it all day long.

However, for the last few years, it’s been mostly taking up space in the garage, except when we used it for a big load of groceries and/or a case of beer–the frame-mounted front rack was especially good for that sort of thing. I listed it for sale a couple of weeks ago, lowered the price once, and that was enough to entice a friend and and sometime riding companion buy it. He took it home last night, and I’m sure he’s riding it to work this morning.