Some Early Season Fatness

Winter is nearly here, so I’m riding the fat-bike pretty much all of the time–either because there’s enough snow to make it fun, or because I want to be ready when there is (the transition to riding the fat-bike after not riding it for a while is…tiring).

Besides riding to work, we’ve ridden the Military Ridge Trail to Riley, the Badger State Trail to Belleville, and the (closed for the season) disc golf course at one of the local parks. The snow is all gone now, but we made the best of it while it lasted.

2014-11-27 11.27.32 2014-11-27 11.26.52 2014-11-27 11.24.58 2014-11-27 11.24.48 2014-11-22 13.25.00 2014-11-22 13.24.43

The more I ride the fat-bike, the more I want to ride the fat-bike.


Minnesota Made

I’ve wanted a Peacock Groove since I first saw one, and still do. Maybe another single-speed? A fat-bike? A single-speed fat-bike? Eh, I think I’ll just watch Noren make stuff for the time being.