30 Days of Biking–Week Four Plus

Another 30 Days of Biking ends today. I’d intended to ride every day, ride each of my bicycles at least once, and take and post a photo each day.

So how did I do? Well enough, I guess.

  • I rode 29 of the 30 days, with more than 70 distinct rides.
  • I rode four of my many bicycles: Devil, Necro-Pug, Polyvalent, and Soma ES. The Troll and the JYD aren’t yet finished (I know, I know) and the Ox needs a new shifter and its summer tires.
  • I took some photos and posted them, but only sporadically.

So it goes. Nothing to be done, but go for another ride.

The Bear

Due to the shifting landscape of most of my spring and summer plans, I won’t be riding the Gravel Metric this year (but you should, because it’s a great event) and will be going north instead to see the in-laws and suchlike.

It just so happens, however, that I won’t be far from start/finish of the Bear 100. A hundred miles or a hundred kilometers of Nicolet National Forest roads.

Looks worth it to me. Anyone out there that’s ridden the Bear 100 in years past (I’m looking at you, Chris and Dan…) want to give me a second opinion?

With Baggage

Scheming for summer touring (read: looking at maps and videos while I’m at work). Lest you get the idea that I’m not getting anywhere, I give you this:

Looking forward to the full-length feature.

Morning Ride

No, not mine. Some guy in Canada in a well-made video that’s good enough to transcend the fact that it’s an advertisement.

Pretty slick bag design too–which I’d consider for myself if I ever get a job that requires I wear a suit (read: not likely).

30 Day of Biking–Week Three

Another week, another seven days of cycling. Commuting, taking the long way home, the weekly coffee-outside ride, a Sunday road ride in the sun (with its attendant early season sunburn), and more porteur-ing to work and a conference.

Also, the Necro-Pug is sorta for sale. Kinda.

2015-04-18 13.48.30

30 Days of Biking–Week Two

After the second week of the 30 Days of Biking, I realized that I didn’t in fact ride every day. Damn.

But I did ride three more of my bikes. The Necro-Pug was pressed into service for the Saturday coffee-outside ride, the Soma ES took to the road on Sunday, and the VO Polyvalent finally returned to commuting duty on Monday.

The first and last of these largely came about because the Devil has finally reached a point where a full overhaul is necessary. There’s a stuck rear brake caliper, a rumbling bottom bracket, and the headset probably needs new bearings too. Not to mention a good cleaning, fresh brake pads and cables, a new chain, and a longer stem.

30 Days of Biking–Week One

Week one of the 30 Days of Biking is now complete, and I have indeed cycled each of the first seven days.

2015-04-03 17.02.21

My initial intentions–some of which might still be realized–were to ride each of the 30 days, ride each of my bicycles at least once, take at least one photo per day and post it on Instagram.

To date, I’ve ridden every day–but I’ve only ridden one of my too-many bikes, and I’ve already missed a few days of photography and ‘gramming.

I’ll just have to do better from here on out.