Not quite halfway

I turned 40 over the weekend, so I figure I’m somewhat less than halfway done with this life, if I have anything to say about it. We took a four-day weekend (I always take my birthday off work, but it being on a Saturday this year, it was necessary that I take two days off). It was just the sort of weekend that I like to have–that is, time stretched out in an agreeably relaxing sort of way but there’s not a great deal to say about it.

There was:

  • Lunch and pints at the Great Dane
  • Sitting on the deck with beer and pizza, listening to music we hadn’t heard in a while
  • Grilling and beer and more deck sitting
  • A somewhat abbreviated ride on the Military Ridge Trail with the Wife on my birthday
  • A road ride with Michael and Chuck, with a stop for ice cream in Paoli
  • Dinner with my parents and my brother’s family to celebrate three birthdays
  • A complete read of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods
  • Several hours of shop time working on several bikes
  • Beers and several games of Scrabble with the Wife and Bob the couch-surfing friend and co-worker
  • More beers at various times.

I also finished the next round of updates to the Albatross, but I’ll blather on about that in a separate post once I’ve taken a few photographs.

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