A bit quiet lately

Things have been a bit quiet around the old blogstead lately. I’ve only managed a few non-commuting rides in the past couple of weeks, mostly due to a combination of high heat and humidity and house-guests.

The rides were few, but they were good.

  • July 14 (Bastille Day). Yeah, it was a Thursday but I was off work. Michael and I headed east through Marshall, Waterloo, and points a bit south before heading back to Madison.
  • July 16. I wedged in a three-hour road and gravel ride on the fixed Karate Monkey before the family reunion festivities got underway at the farm west of Rhinelander. Beautiful summer day, nice quiet roads, and very cold beer at the end of it. The hills in the latter part of the ride did get me thinking that perhaps single-speed would be better than fixed for that sort of thing. Not that I’ve done anything about that, mind you.
  • July 22. After watching Contador, Evans, and the Schlecks battle things out on the Galibier and Alpe d’Huez, I took myself off for a fast, three-hour road ride. Even though it was the coolest weather we’d had all week, it was still blasted hot by the time I got back.

Things are settling down, and the weather is moderating somewhat, so it looks like there will be more riding (and less beer drinking) in the coming weeks–at least until the Powderhorn 24.

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