Hot and hot

And by hot, I mean hot and humid–though not as hot as the week before, certainly just as humid. And yet, there was riding.

On Saturday, I finally finished putting together the Cannondale 50/50 as a single-speed utility bike (it will also be the winter bike, unless something odd happens). That being the case, it was necessary to ride it around a bit to check the fit and so forth.  We ran errands, and checked out all of the recently paved streets in our ‘hood. Smooth and fast where there was once moonscape.

On Sunday, Lemberger and I went out for one of our slightly aimless road rides–which are the sort of rides in which we generally go much the same direction that we usually go, but not quite. Highlights of this 50+ jaunt include:

  • Being reminded that the water from the Paoli town pump tastes awful;
  • Lemberger showing me the “super secret agent shortcut” from Whalen road to Lincoln Road in Verona.
  • A first ride down (or up, actually–both in elevation and map orientation) the newly paved connector between the Military Ridge Trail and McKee Road.
  • A trip down memory lane through the west side ‘hood where I lived in high school.
  • A high prevalence of tanned, fit female cyclists and runners.

The full route is here, courtesy of Lemberger–since I once again left home without the GPS.

All in all, a good weekend of cycling. Not too much for this hot and sweaty time of year, so little that one feels like one’s legs no longer know how to turn the pedals.

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