Powderhorn 24 Recap

This last weekend K and I headed to Minneapolis to check out the new Gollnik digs and to ride the Powderhorn 24, a new urban 24-hour race modeled on Milwaukee’s venerable Riverwest 24.

We suck, but we still had a great time.

The race itself wasn’t so successful for our team, Mark it ZERO. This happened in part because we were kinda slow–but mostly because we gave in to the weather and pulled the plug after about 12 hours.

The Details

The pre-race preparations went something like this:

  • Thursday: boring 4.5 hour drive, unload, cycle to the daycare (to pick up junior) and the liquor store, run some errands in the car, drink some beer, go out for beer and dinner at the Town Hall Brewery, crash for the night.
  • Friday: sleep in, go to Angry Catfish for coffee, run some more errands, fettle the bikes and fiddle with gear, go to Freewheel for coffee and registration, back to the house for beer and t-shirt printing, ferrying gear to the start/finish.
  • Race: The race started at 7pm Friday. K took the first lap (her first ever bike event or race of any kind, by the way). Then Bob and I started taking turns riding 2-3 laps at time. We kept it up (albeit somewhat slowly) until sometime nearing 2am, when a massive storm rolled in and drove us from the course for a while.
    After sitting around for a while, I decided there was nothing to do but ride, so I rode–and got very wet and kinda cold in the process (in retrospect, I should have just kept riding until I got warm and stayed that way). Then I stopped for a bit, waited for the rain to ease up some, and rode a bit more. Bob went to sleep in the car for a bit. I rode a bit more, then woke him up.
    At that point, the weather looked to be settling in for the rest of the day, so we had to decide whether to stay or pull the plug. In our sleepless, tired, and wet state, we made the wrong choice and decided to quit. Bob rode two more laps while K and I loaded up the gear and shuttled bikes back to the house.
  • Saturday: pull the plug on the race, drink beer on the porch at 7am, go to breakfast at Victor’s Cafe, sleep for a few hours, feel like a zombie, cycle to Herkimer for beers and bites, then cycle the Midtown (through the race we were missing), West River, and Hiawatha pathways to get back to the house, more beers and music, lots of talking and goofing off, and carnitas.
  • Sunday: sleep in, up for a walk and a latte at Turtle, packing up, a boring drive home with a stop at the Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire, dump the gear, pick up the dog, watch a bit of baseball with the old man, drink a couple more beers, return the rental car, Alchemy for beer and dinner, and B-cycling home.
  • Monday: not much, as all the tiredness hit me.

Next Year

We’re definitely going to do the Powderhorn 24 again (assuming it’s held, and it looks like it will be). And next time we’re going to do it right (and I’ll talk a bit more about what went right and wrong in a separate, geeky post).

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