Day 2 of #30daysofbiking

I took the day off work, thinking that I’d be able to get out for 40-50 miles of riding this morning, but it was not to be.

It turned hot and humid yesterday, and this morning some pretty big storms rolled through (and it doesn’t look like they’re done yet). Instead of going for ride, I retreated to the coolness of my basement shop, put on some streaming blues radio, and got to work on a few bike-related chores.

And that’s where things went pear-shaped. While re-assembling the front end of the Cannondale (after swapping the stem and adding a steerer extension), I managed to ham-fistedly torque things down and bit too much and pull the star-nut right out of the steerer.

Damn and blast.

Since the frame was too small anyway, I just pulled the entire thing apart. I’ll assemble another single-speed with another frame that I’ve got hanging in the garage rafters. It’s the one I rode through the snows last year, so I know it fits and can put up with a Wisconsin winter.

So today’s riding has consisted of merely a ride to the shop to drop off an eccentric ENO-hubbed wheel to be made non-eccentric, and perhaps widened from 130mm to 135mm.

On the bright side, I did find a new way to get to the short section of bike path that leads directly to the Malthouse. I’m planning on taking advantage of that tonight.

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