Day 5 of #30daysofbiking

Finally, a road ride. Even though I’ve been off for the last four days (days 2-5 of the 30 days), today’s the first day that I managed to get out of town and put some real miles under my wheels.  And since the weather had finally turned from Summer to Fall, I was happy to be sheathed in arm- and knee-warmers and a base layer of merino wool–would that the weather should always thus.

With ML and CS, we ended up with about 65 miles (the 45 mile route plus the usual 20 mile bonus) at 16.2 mph, getting me home with about five hours (four hours of riding, and nearly an hour of pauses). I took the Salsa La Raza–which, at this point, I can definitely say needs a different saddle (the Bontrager ass-hatchet has to go). Here’s the route, courtesy of my Garmin (which I actually remember to take with me for once).

There’s a section of the map near Leeds thats rather of out of date. The road runs along a causeway of sorts between two lowland lakes–for most of the way.  Here’s what it looks like now.

The road to nowhere

And here’s what we had to ride through to get there.

The road from somewhere

It would seem that they (whoever they are) aren’t finished with this particular bit of road destruction.  No matter: the bit that’s left is quite pleasant, both coming and going.

After we’d detoured around the road to nowhere, we eventually wended our way to North Bristol, home of the Sassy Cow Creamery.

Sassy Cow

After a bowl of black cherry chocolate ice cream and a pint of chocolate milk (the best recovery liquid on earth), we finally turned back toward Madison. Perhaps it was the ice cream, or perhaps it was the tailwind, but the last twenty miles flew by quite quickly.

I returned home to K, who’d been harvesting tomatoes and raspberries from the home garden, another pint of Sassy Cow chocolate milk, some freshly made kale chips, and a few beers, and the blues on the stereo.

A great day.

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