Day 11 of #30daysofbiking

It’s Sunday, and therefore a fine day for a group ride.

Sometime during the course of the week preceding, ML brought to my attention the yearly Wall of Death and Pancake Ride. It started and finished at the Prairie Cafe in Middleton Hills.  Here’s the route.

Wall of Death Pancake Ride

Starting in Middleton (to which we rode from the east side of Madison, it heads west to take in a couple of the many steep hills in the Driftless Zone. The Wall of Death at mile 7.8 and the unnamed hill just before the 20 mile mark had everyone riding à bloc.

But, from there everything is downhill, more or less. After a 40+ mph descent, we cruised into Roxbury for a stop at the Roxbury Tavern for blueberry pancakes, sausage, and coffee (and a chocolate milk, in my case).

At the Roxbury Tavern

You can see the pancakes have already started to collect around my waistband. Re-carbed, we cruised back into Middleton, dropped off a few riders, and rode back home.

All in all, a very good day. Met lots of new cyclists — including eastsider JW and ride organizer Bob Allen (who besides organizing fine rides like this rides a beautiful Rivendell and wears a pair of the SIDI touring shoes that I’ve always wanted, but are no longer made) — and climbed a couple of nice hills.

What’s more, we’re hatching plans for more rides — including one night ride on either the BST or the MRT. It’s all good.

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