Day 13 of #30daysofbiking

Today’s been a mixed bag, cycling-wise.

On the one hand, it’s apparently day two of totally-fucking-dead-legs syndrome (coupled with the always hungry affliction) from the weekend’s longer than usual (at least of late) mileage and intensity. So that kinda sucks (even though there’s a good enough reason for it).

I rode to and from work like any other day, though we did take an alternate route for the sake of variety. No after work ride though; will have to leave that for tomorrow.

On the other, BG and I started scheming about putting on a gentlemen’s style team race/ride thing in September 2012. Here are the–admittedly sketchy–details:

  • Name: Rockland Reckoning
  • Location: the coulee region around Rockland, Wisconsin
  • Distance: ~110 miles
  • Climbing: ~7000 ft
  • Date: middle of September 2012

We’re heading over there sometime in the next month for some¬†reconnaissance and course tuning, but right now the profile looks like this:

The Reckoning

Should you choose to accept this assignment, your legs will hurt.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda excited.

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