Day 16 of #30daysofbiking

There are some days when it feels quite a bit better to be looking at one’s bike from inside a cafe than outside riding it.

Cafe stop at Firefly (Oregon, WI)

Today was one of those days. This ride could be characterized by one word: pain. Everything seemed to hurt a bit, in different ways: stiff neck, tight shoulders, tired legs, hot-spot on one foot, bit of saddle chafing (from a different bike with a different saddle).

All this got me thinking about core strength (I don’t seem to have enough) and bike fit (it doesn’t seem to be quite right). It would seem that I need to get the saddle up and back slightly, perhaps tilted upward just a bit, and that I really ought to consider swapping the stem to get the bars up a bit. Or, it could just be that I need to work on my core strength so that my body can hold itself up in a more competent fashion.

So, I rode slower and less than I’d planned and stopped for a mocha and biscotti at Firefly in Oregon. It was all I could do not to stop in Paoli, Fitchburg, and at several cafes as I traversed Madison from west to east.

Even so, I still managed 47 miles at 14.9 mph.  Here’s the route, if you’re interested.

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