Day 18 of #30daysofbiking

I’m not longer sure why I plan to ride anywhere at a particular time. It never seems to come off.

Today, we were to ride to my brother’s house for brunch with the family in honor my father’s 60-somethingth birthday. And we were all set to do so, but not an hour before we were to leave, the skies opened up and the prospect of riding 7 miles and some with a spare set of clothes and a fresh salad didn’t seem like something the Wife wanted to do. Me, I like a ride in the rain.  So we checked out a car, and drove.  So it goes.

The thing is, the Wife is trying to do the 30 days of biking thing herself. Brunch came and went, and so did most of the rest of the afternoon, but still it rained.

And now, she knows why I like riding in the rain–because, properly clad, riding in the rain is pleasant and kinda a fun. She’s learning, a little at a time.  A few more years of this, and I’ll have her riding brevets.

Oh, and I said something yesterday about a new-to-me bike. It’s a Raleigh One Way, several years old that I picked up for a reasonable price. It needs a few tweaks (different pedals, some positioning adjustments in the cockpit, and some fresh rubber), but it’s just the sort of thing I’ve seeking as a commuting hack. Basic, but a little bit sporty, fendered, and single-speed–really all one needs for the sort of commute like mine.

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