Day 29 of #30daysofbiking

Riding the fixed-wheel Albatross again today. For some reason, I was feeling my oats (if oats = high test french press coffee) this morning, so I rode more or less flat out on the way to work. I must have passed about 40 people in the 6.5 miles of my usual commute.

If nothing else, this ensured that I got to work before it started to rain (who knew it was supposed to rain today?).

No such thing on the ride home. In the morning, I was the hammer. On the way home, after the wind (running at 10, but gusting to 40) took over the hammering duties, leaving me in the reluctant but unavoidable role of nail.

To break things up a bit, I stopped on the way home to look at some new shoes–something not to expensive that work well with toe-clips and BMX pedals. Surprisingly, I was able to find something that fit: a pair of Puma Liga (though I did need a size larger than I normally wear).

So, for once not a total loss.

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