Coffeeneuring and other European pursuits

I am not, by definition, a randonneur. I’ve never ridden a brevet (though every year I make plans to do so and then find other cycling-related things getting in the way).

However, since I’ve spent the last several years circling around rando-culture on the web, I end up reading–sometimes wistfully–a number of rando-blogs.

That’s how I came across the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Coffeeneuring? Now that’s something I can get behind, around, and in front of. After all, I’ve been a coffeeneur for years, without having been so called.

The Coffeeneuring Challenge is this: take in 7 different coffeeshops on seven different weekend rides of more than two miles, and write about them.

On Saturday, I joined ML and CS for what is turning out–with variations–a regular route in which we can take in 40-60 miles of nothing too hilly with a stop for coffee at Firefly somewhere in the middle.

Cafe stop at Firefly (Oregon, WI)

I drank what I usually drink mid-ride. A large, whole milk latte. As usual, it was excellent.

I’m pretty sure I can score another six coffeeshops before the end of the month, if I apply myself.

As for the other European sorts of things, well…let’s just say that they involved a charcuterie plate and a bottle of Bordeaux.

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