Off the back…

No, wait–that should be off the bike. That’s right. I spent an entire weekend not riding, though not an entire weekend without things velo.

I’d no fixed plans for riding this weekend. In fact, I just assumed that I would take at least one long ride, either to New Glarus or perhaps to Mt. Horeb, either on the road or via one of the rail-trails that connect Madison to these small towns. The weather was beautiful–crisp in the morning, mid-80s in the afternoon–though notice that I don’t say perfect. Much too warm in the afternoon for this time of year.  For some reason, that makes it seem worse.

But all was not lost. I spent part of the over-warm afternoon on Saturday puttering in the cool of my basement shop. I built up the winter bike most of the way (it’s only lacking a chain and brake cables, which I have yet to scavenge).

And more importantly, I took delivery of an 81 Trek 613 frame-set. As such, I spent a significant amount of time in the shop with the frame-set on the workstand–so that I could admire it–and so that it serve as a point of inspiration for digging around in my parts bins for the rest of its build.

1981 Trek 613

I’m thinking that this one will go in one of two directions–either a a single-speed light-touring, randonneur or a basketed/racked single-speed townie.

Right now, I’m leaning toward the latter as the frame has no bottle cage braze-ons, or many other braze-ons for that matter.

Either way, it will have a VO seatpost, Nitto Technomic stem, Brooks B-17 saddle, Shimano 600 crankset, VO hammered metal fenders, and Dia-compe centerpull brake calipers. The rest is either unknown (pedals, drivetrain) or dependent on what I want it to be in the end (front rack, handlebars, brake levers).

I’m also toying around with converting it to 650b, but I need to check the geometry first.

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