Temporal disjunctions

For some reason, of late, when out riding, my mind has wandered into thinking about the sorts of things that one often thinks about at end of one season and the beginning of the next.

But here’s the thing: the cycling season (as I think of it) is by no means over. To wit: I have not yet even mounted the studded tires, switched from regular shoes and covers to winter footwear, or even considered setting up the indoor trainer.

These are the things that mark the end of the regular season, and that begin the intermediate period that most other people around here call winter–the period in which cycling is confined–more or less–to commuting, running the odd errand, the occasional play-in-the-snow ride, and the even less occasional suffer-session on the indoor trainer.

And it’s not like I’m thinking ahead because I want this season to end (in the way that I sometimes convince myself it’s Thursday instead of Wednesday when I really want the week to be over). It’s been a pretty good season, all told: some interesting (if unfinished) events, new riding buddies, new bikes, and just a lot more consistent riding than the past couple of years previous.

Perhaps it’s just that I’m that excited about next year, and the possibilities for even more chances to explore the world on a bicycle–often on something that only had one gear.

Or perhaps I’m just trying to think my way past winter, though I doubt it.

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