Mulling the 2012 Season

I’ve been mulling over–usually on half-frozen rides to work–what events I want to ride in 2012. Very few firm decisions at this point, but a lot of possibilities–mostly in neighboring states and on the gravel.

Date Event
February 25 CIRREM
April 14 Ragnarok 105
May 19 Almanzo 100
May 27 Gravel Metric
June ?? Westside Dirty Benjamin
June 22-23 Powderhorn 24
September 15 Rockland Reckoning
September ?? Almanzo Gentlemen’s Ride
September 29 Heck of the North
October 8 The Heroic
October ?? Dirt Bag

Firm commitments are in italics.

I’ve also been considering one or more–or perhaps the entire SR series–of brevets organized by the Great Lakes Randonneurs, which would have me riding 200k-600k on weekends from April through June.

It’s pretty obvious that there’s only so time for preparation and travel, and only so much money for car rentals and hotel rooms, and only so many events I can convince someone to ride with me (not that won’t ride alone, but it’s more fun with co-conspirators)–so it’s unlikely that I’ll do all of these events.

And, it’s not a foregone conclusion that I’ll even get an entry into the ones that work by lottery.

Oh, and the plan is to ride all of the gravel events–and perhaps a brevet or two–on a single-speed. A fixed-wheel brevet is also not out of the question, not entirely.

Anything–especially if it’s on gravel or run on the grass-roots model–that I’ve missed?

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