The year that was…

Normally I resist the urge to write a retrospective year-in-review post, but for some reason I can’t help myself this year (though it did take me a couple of extra days to get around to finishing it).

I haven’t decided whether it was, despite quite a few things, a pretty good year, or just because I’m getting old. I’m reasonably sure that it’s not because everyone else is doing it (not my style, really), but I suppose it’s possible that all of the looking-back/looking-forward posts I’ve been reading over the past couple of weeks have started to soak in and corrupt me.

I’d originally thought to run through the year month-by-month or season-by-season, but let’s face it: that’s boring.

In short, I bought some bikes, sold some others, ruined at least one, rode some gravel, put in a fair number of miles on the road, and generally enjoyed myself.

A little over 5,000 miles for the year. Not bad.

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