Ballon tires and mud

I rode to Badger Prairie in Verona, WI yesterday to do a little spectating at the US Cyclocross Nationals.

Arrived about a lap into the elite women’s race, to find things pretty much as I expected. Spectators ringing cowbells, yelling, and drinking themselves happy on a Sunday afternoon.


And Katie Compton kicking the shit out of the women’s field. Again. After the women’s race ended, ML and I tooled around the park at bit to get a look at the rest of the course, the expo area, and the beer tent. Too bad the line was too long to actually get a beer.

Instead, we get our bikes really muddy.

Then, the men took to the course. By now, everyone knows that Jeremy Powers worked his way up steadily throughout the race, and went on the attack in the final couple of laps to take the win. Some of us think his success was due to his fan club. Then again, some of us don’t.

So, 30 miles of single-speeding on the Karate Monkey, which is still wearing its summer shoes (Big Apples). They handle surprisingly well in all but the deepest mud.

And, kudos to ML for remembering to bring his flask of brandy — especially considering I forgot my flask of whiskey.

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