Running in the winter rig

It’s Martin Luther King Day and I’m a civil servant–which means I’ve got a day off from work. It’s in the mid-30s. That means a ride.

Because I just put the winter bike together, I figured that even though it was likely that there was quite a bit of open pavement on the streets and bike paths I would put it through its paces and see if there was anything that needed tweaking before the weather turned colder and windier.

Extended Lake Loop

You can also check out the entire thing on Strava: 18 miles, an hour and a half of riding, 12mph average speed.

Some notes:

  • I need to replace the rear fender stays. Both of them have been bent too many times (I’ve been using these fenders for about 10 years off and on) and they’re also just barely long enough; I wouldn’t mind being able to leave a little more space under the fender for when the snows get sticky.
  • Gearing (40×18) is good as long as there’s snow on the ground. On bare pavement on flat ground, I top out at about 13.5mph spinning like a blender.
  • On a warmish day like today with light winds, two layers of wool isn’t quite enough, but a third layer or a jacket is just too much. Why did I leave the gillet at home again?
  • I might need to take another link out of the chain. It’s almost all the way back now and it’s not quite at tight as it should be. Not a deal-breaker, but I just don’t like how it feels, especially in combination with a cheap, well-worn freewheel with not all that many pawls.
  • And finally, riding nearly 20 miles in long underwear and old, baggy jeans turns out not to be the most comfortable setup. I would have ridden another 10-12 miles, but things were threatening tender as it was.
  • Once again, I forgot the camera.

That’s right, it’s home-made scotch egg with mustard and Sriracha. Beat that for a post-ride snack.

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