Stuff I Like: Dermatone

One of the many problems with cycling in the winter is that it’s not actually possible–at least for me–to cover up every last inch of skin to protect it from the elements.

This leaves the area between my eyebrows and the top of my beard exposed to the cold–and sometimes it’s very cold–and wind. For someone like me, who cannot wear a full-face balaclava without overheating and causing all sorts of secondary frosting and freezing, this is a problem that we used to solve by smearing ourselves with plain old petroleum jelly (yes, Vaseline). Something I learned to do as a kid, playing hockey outdoors.

But now, we’re evolved and there’s Dermatone.  It serves the same purpose: provides an oil-based barrier between your skin and the elements so that the surface of your skin doesn’t dry out, crack, and–in extreme conditions–succumb to frost-bite. Good for your lips too.

Some folks (I’m lookin’ at you, ML) use the stuff year round for it’s sun-protective qualities, but I find that I  use it most often in the winter, opting for regular sunscreen most of the time in the summer.

Note: This post is part of an ongoing series: Stuff I Like. These are unsolicited reviews of things that I use and like. In the unlikely event that anyone gives me something to review, I’ll make sure to let you know.

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