A plague of wheelsuckers

The unseasonally warm weather and the ice-free roads and paths that accompany such weather has caused many a fair-weather cyclist to emerge from whatever hole they crawled into when it started to snow.

This, inevitably, has created a plague of wheelsuckers (ya know, like a screaming of crows, only more annoying).

If you can read this...

Yes, I can hear you back there–especially with all of the sand on the roads and paths this time of year. I can also feel your presence. And sometimes, I can even smell you (don’t ask).

Consider this a public serviceĀ announcement: wheelsucking a complete stranger is potentially dangerous. It’s also rude, uncivil, and makes you look like a dick.

I would also point out that it hardly makes sense to wheel-suck someone riding a very low-geared, fender’d, baggage’d single-speed that’s shod with studded tires powered by a rider not interested in getting to work any faster than at about 12mph.

That is all.

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