On the road again

It’s been warm enough here–in the mid-30s to low 40s–and dry that it’s clear it’s time to get out on the road and start getting ready for the cluster of spring events on my calendar. I’m planning on riding the Ragnarok 105, the Almanzo 100, and perhaps a few other, shorter gravel events–and I’m once again going to flog myself around the course on a singlespeed.

So, I took the Karate Monkey out on the road, even though–and precisely because–it’s so clearly not set up for efficient riding on the road.  It’s geared fairly low (38×16) and it’s wearing some meaty rubber (2.25 inch Schwalbe Big Apples).

Tea break, Town of Dunn burying ground

I rode one of our fairly regular road loops.  South from Madison, then west through Oregon, Paoli, and Verona and then north to Madison. No cafe stops this time; just a couple of short tea/food breaks on the road.

I’m guardedly encouraged by this first practice (what some of you call training, I call practice) ride of the year. I kept a decent pace, didn’t completely deplete myself, and only really suffered on one of the longer, steeper hills.

Both the bike and the rider need some adjustments and improvements, but I’ve got plenty of time for tweaking and testing before the middle of April and the Ragnarok 105.

Stats: 45.5 miles, 15.4mph average. Light winds and temperatures in the high 30s.

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