Not really what I had in mind

Remember almost three weeks ago when I happily noted that I’d been out on the first practice ride of 2012, that the weather was great, and that I was looking forward to more early spring practicing in anticipation of the gravel races in April and May?

Yeah, well. Not 48 hours after that, I came down with the flu. In the last 2+ weeks, I’ve managed just a couple of commutes, both of which left me drained. Instead of riding, I’ve been spending my time in a stationary position (couch, chair, seat on bus) or at urgent care (three times).

As a result, I now know that my heart is fine (see the impromptu EKG), that a bunch of other stuff is fine (courtesy of lots of poking and prodding, and some blood work), and that I might have ended up with some sort of acid reflux from said flu.

After all that, I’m starting to feel a bit better. Well enough to think about cycling-related matters (the wrenching projects I’ve neglected in favor of sleeping and watching movies, a potential fat-bike design/build, whether I’ll be in shape for spring after all this, etc.) — but not well enough to actually start riding again.

But here’s the thing: I really, really want to start riding again. Every time I see someone  riding by, I suffer a painful twinge of jealousy.

I hate to admit this, but there’s only one thing for it. I’m going to have to start using the trainer. At least that way, I can always stop if I start to feel worse. And, there’s no way I’ll overdo it–I just hate riding the trainer too much for that.

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