After cycling more or less seriously for 25 years, I finally realized that it makes more sense to subject myself to (and pay for) the expertise of a professional fitting.

That is, instead of continually tweaking things, swapping out parts, and looking for the perfect frame. Or whatever.

To be honest, there were three things that finally got me into the shop for a proper fitting:

  1. Pain
  2. Discomfort
  3. The unwillingness to continue #1 and #2 while spending time and money to build up new and different bikes.

In a more practical sense, it became abundantly clear that the Salsa La Raza that I had built up last year, as beautiful as it is, is both too small and too flexible for me. Far too flexible, in fact.

Combine that with a Handsome Devil that’s currently at the frame-prep and headset-installation stage, and it made even more sense to get my lingering fit issues sorted out before I put together another rig.

So I went to Cronometro, which specializes in, among other things, professional biodynamic bike fit.

The results are most encouraging. Minor changes to saddle and cleat position, as well as some less minor changes to bar height, TT/stem length, and lever positioning already had me feeling more comfortable on the bike.

The only downside to the whole thing is that the replacement frame I’ve had waiting in the wings, a Serotta Colorado TG from the early 90s, didn’t provide the right dimensions for a better fit (and in fact posed a set of its own problems).

I feared that this might be the case, so I came armed with alternatives. The best combination of affordable steel and the right fit turned out to be a 56cm Soma Smoothie. Everything else will migrate from the La Raza.

And when that’s done, we’ll make a few small changes to the Soma Extra Smooth (the Smoothie’s more relaxed little brother) to bring it in line with the fitting data.

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