Would that it could

…be like this in Dane County.

A bold vision

This is Dane County Executive Joe Parisi’s bold vision for what the Dane County bicycle trail system would look like. He’s right. It’s also what it should look like.

The first thing that occurred to me when I looked at this? That it’s an actual connected network that would form a useful transportation system?  Nope, thought that’s also true. That I could ride more places with my wife, who has a lot less affection for hills and country roads than I do? Nope.

No, the first thing that I thought of is that it looks a lot like a smaller version of the excellent trail system in Minneapolis. And we all know what’s that done for Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Top cycling city in the country the last time around. A great place to ride, all that.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Dane County–most of it anyway–it’s already a great place to ride for ride-anywhere types like me. But the wider benefits of more people being able to ride more places on separated trails, most of which are easy of grade because they’re built on former rail beds, is where the real benefit lies.

Now I just hope that there’s the will to move it from should and would to is.

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