The first week

We’ve just wrapped up the first week of 30 Days of Biking. I’m not blogging every day, so here’s a wrap-up of week one.

Riding with (and photo by) Lemberger

Sights and Sounds

On the first or second day of the 30 Days of Biking, I stumbled upon a theme and started posting one or more tweets daily on the sights and sounds of my rides. Here are all of them from week one:

  • Monday: crew fours on the lake, woman meditating on the end of the pier, ticking bottom bracket.
  • Tuesday: sights and sounds: shoaling cyclists, sun shining on the lake, the sweet sound of a silent bottom bracket.
  • Wednesday: [missed this one].
  • Thursday: camo-wearing photographer shooting loons, knee-high socks on fit legs, a train rumbling in the distance.
  • Friday: sights and sounds: hoarfrost, sun-glare, and conversation with @Bumbleberger.
  • Saturday: the first woodpecker, gardeners in the community, and the weeping of my fried quadriceps.

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