Today’s wrenching lesson

Well, yesterday’s really.

I spent the better part of the afternoon on Sunday (that’s yesterday) in the basement shop attending to various maintenance and build tasks. Whenever I spend any significant time in the shop, it seems I learn valuable life lessons. This is mostly because I am just a little bit stupid.

This time was no different.

The lesson, this time around is this: when setting up road brake levers–at least the Tektro RL340s–it’s vitally important that you include the cable ferrules on the cable ends that insert into the levers.

If you don’t, when you get everything set up and start testing the brakes, they will work fine the first time, and then turn very mushy. They will also buckle up a bit with each subsequent compression, and proceed to shred themselves.

Sorry, no photograph.  Destroyed the evidence.

This is even more charmingly stupid when you consider that the missing cable ferrule is in the most upstream point in the entire cable run (and yes, it was the rear brake…and yes, there were also interruptors).

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