BTWW — Day 2

It’s the second day of Bike to Work Week (BTWW). Just like yesterday, we rode to work, stopping for coffee and pastry on the way.

Today we ran into Lemberger, who as usual took some photos.

Me and the wife, BTWW station in the background
Me and the wife, both riding our One-ways. Hers is nicer.

I am also reminded why I rarely wear the Bern helmet. Pretty obvious, really.

Shortly after this, Michael and I parted company with the wife and rode to the Capitol Square to visit one of the other BTWW stations.  Willy Bikes was there, pimping their wares.

I kinda want one of these:

Civia Halsted

After that, we reluctantly rode to work. The TW part of BTWW is nonsense, if you ask me.

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