Not so fast, buddy

After a week off the bike (two weeks ago), a week of just commuting (last week — though there’s really no just commuting during Bike to Work Week), and a Saturday of bike-nerdery (read: bike swap), I finally rejoined the Church of the Spoken Wheel for one of our regular Sunday rides.

Church of the Spoken Wheel (photo by Lemberger)

It was my first road ride since I don’t know when, and definitely the first since I screwed up my Achilles tendon a while back. It was a hot and windy day here in the Midwest, but we still managed 16.0mph over 42 miles. And I did so without any pain or stiffness in my Achilles and calf.

Until I got home, that is. Everything felt fine and dandy during the ride, during my usual post-ride stick-massage, as well as for a couple of hours afterward.

Then I took a short nap and a stroll with the wife. By the time that was all over, the tendon was tight and somewhat inflamed. It still is today.

Damn, damn, and DAMN. Also, damn.

Good thing I didn’t cancel my PT appointment when things were feeling good last week.

3 thoughts on “Not so fast, buddy

  1. Tough stuff, man. I hope you can work it out soon. There’s a lot of riding to do this summer, and the ‘Manzo missed you!

  2. Thanks. Let’s hope that PT and some reasonable recovery (unlike yesterday, which only felt reasonable but clearly wasn’t) will do the trick.

    Yeah, I missed the Almanzo too — but there’s always another day for riding and another year for the A.

    Also, my predication held true: a) that it would be hot and b) that it wouldn’t rain at all since I wouldn’t be there. For what that’s worth.

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