Bikes, beer, and brats

Ah, Memorial Day in Wisconsin.

I convened the Church of the Spoken Wheel for a ride extraordinary in honor of the Memorial Day holiday. Our aim: ride in as leisurely a fashion as possible, with ample cafe stops. Then, drink beer and eat bratwurst afterward.

I encouraged casual dress. Michael gets it right. In a way.

The best dressed bike dork in town

Then we rode.

Photo by Lemberger from his Big Dummy

We had a wide range of bikes and riders. A 29er, a couple of cross bikes, two single-speeds, a citified MTB, a road bike, and a long-tail cargo bike.

Despite encouragement, some of us couldn’t give up our jerseys and clipless pedals for the day. May they be forgiven.

There was a cafe stop at the Johnson Public House.

Johnson Public House

And more riding

The Church

Followed by beer and brats on our deck.

Decking it

Beer was consumed.

Sconnie, boyo.

All in all, we rode about 20 miles, made two cafe stops, ate twenty bratwurst, and drank a case and a half of beer.

What a holiday should be, if you ask me.

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