A moonlight ride

After waxing critical and remembering the Madison mayor’s true nature, we’ll now return to our regularly scheduled blather about riding hither and yon.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YXGkOghG0Y w=600]

It been both the night of the full moon and election night in Wisconsin, we deemed it necessary for a moonlight ride. I met up with Michael and Andy at our usual meeting place — the Jenifer St. Market (where I was able to acquire necessaries for later) — and heading out in the falling dusk.

After failing to meet up with Aaron near the stadium (were we late or was he), we headed out of town on the Capitol City Trail and then the Badger State Trail. Andy rode with us until the pavement ended (he said he was expected at home, but I think it’s because he didn’t want to get his bike dusty).

There was smooth pavement, gravel, fireflies (one of which Michael wore on his collar for half a mile), and relatively few mosquitos. It was warm, then cool, then cold enough for arm warmers. In other words, pretty damned perfect.

Michael and I rode as far as Basco on the BST, stopped for a trailside beer (me: Abbot ale; him: Sconnie), and turned around for the homeward trip. We talked of many things, including the crazy notion of putting on our own event that starts and finishes in Madison.

I ended up with about 40 miles under my tires. Not sure how long it took, as I’m avoiding my GPS for the time being, but I made it home just before midnight.

Rode the Albatross with big, spiky BMX pedals. As a result, my achilles tendon feels pretty ok today.

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