2012 Powderhorn 24

With the coming of the solstice, Lemberger and I trekked to Minneapolis to join Gollnik and Bikes and Pieces owner Mike to race the second edition of the Powderhorn 24.

We set up base camp near a bridge.

Basecamp (by Lemberger)

I rode.

Me, sucking wheel (Photo by ibikempls)

And rode some more.

Going solo (photo by ?????)

And a bit more after that.

Powering up an alley (photo by Meredith Westin)

And stood around a bit with Bob.

Bob girds his loins, I watch the start/finish action (photo by Meredith Westin)

And then it was over, so we drank some (more) beer.

All done but the celebrating (photo by Lemberger)

As you can see, I rode the Soma ES. With a single exception, it was perfect for this sort of thing — the exception being the 25mm tires. The course is rough enough that I could have maintained more speed with 28-32mm rubber.

Team Bikes and Pieces: Bob, Me, Michael, Mike (photo by Mike’s wife)

But how did we do? Well — we either did 76 laps or 66 laps. We’re not sure yet, because there seems to have been a glitch in the scoring. By our count, it was 76.

We’re still awaiting the final results.  Depending on how things fall out, we’re either ninth in our division and tied for something like 20th overall — or somewhat better.

No matter. We had a great time and we’re already scheming about next year.

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