Socially slow

After our 100-plus miles in the roaster last weekend, we — in a rare fit of rationality — decided that this weeks group ride was to be one of our patented slow, social, leisure rides.

We set a late start time, got started late, waited around for stragglers, and generally didn’t worry about it, since there was no plan and no hurry.

After a spin down the SW Commuter path (where the discussion turned to path lighting), and a roll through the Arboretum and Vilas Park, we stopped at Zuzu for coffee and comestibles. Typical of these social rides, we had a big group. And a few new riders.

COTSW gathering at Zuzu

After lolling about for a while, we continued around Lake Monona, shedding a few riders here and there as people headed off to do other things. There was ice cream.

And by the time we reached my place, there were eight of us left.  And ten cold beers in the fridge.  Just right.

Stats: Roughly 20 miles in about 5 hours, one cafe stop, one ice cream stop, one beer stop. One large coffee, two blueberry muffins, one bowl of ice cream, and two beers.

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