On the road again

After a month and a day since my last road ride, I finally ventured back out on the open road with the Church. And it was Labor Day, so there was riding to be done.

I’ve been riding the entire time, but only to work, on a few leisure rides, and to get out and play on the Ox.

In a reprise of a ride we did last year, we headed toward the Road to Nowhere and then to the Sassy Cow Creamery for treats.

Me, Grant, and Andy (photo by Nate Vergin)

The road to nowhere itself we couldn’t examine up close, because it’s in an area off limits to anything but foot traffic — and unlike last year, there were birders glowering at us, preventing us from passing the gate.

The Church (photo by Nate Vergin)

The Creamery was as good as it usually is — and nothing quite hits the spot mid-ride like some full-fat chocolate milk (courtesy of Elliott, who bought milk for everyone).

Weather was beautiful, the pace was leisurely (just a hair under 15mph), and I rarely felt pushed over the 50 miles or so — except when the road tipped upward.

I can’t say that I’m completely recovered from my severe bonk + heat exhaustion + virus = totally messed up episode, but I’m getting there. What I can say is that I’m pretty damned unfit after a month of not riding much and sitting on my ass.

Starting to feel better (Photo by Nate Vergin)

I’m on my way back. Slowly.

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