Even more red barns

There are a lot of barns in Dane County. A good many of them crop up in the western part of the county, but I’m pretty sure that there are even more in the eastern portion.

Barn-hunting requires fuel, so Karen and I put on a little breakfast spread for the group at our place.

Breakfast (photo by Nate Vergin)

It was a damn beautiful day — and the first day in a long time that I’ve needed both arm- and knee-warmers.

Fatter tires and new pavement (Photo by Nate Vergin)

Occasionally, we even lined up.

Paceline (Photo by Nate Vergin)

There were red barns.

Another red barn (Photo by Nate Vergin)

And more importantly, a stop at Camrock Cafe (the first of two cafe stops on this ride, the other being Firefly).

Camrock Cafe (Photo by Nate Vergin)

The Church of the Spoken Wheel heartily endorses the Camrock Cafe — the coffee is good, the location excellent, the owner and employees friendly. And, it’s the perfect combination of coffee, food, bikes, boats, and beer.

Many of the red barns in this part of the county are tobacco barns. It’s harvest time.

What ends up in a lot of red barns (Photo by Nate Vergin)

But it wasn’t all sunshine and chaw. There was a bit of a wind coming back into town, and Grant got a flat. I needed a break at this point, so there was no reason to hurry them along.

Larry, Moe and Curly fix a flat (Photo by Nate Vergin)

But we made it back, tired and windburned, but happy with an 82 mile ride on a perfect early fall day.

You tired? Yeah, I’m tired… (Photo by Nate Vergin)

Some Notes

  • Before this ride, I swapped the very worn 25mm Schwalbe Marathon Pluses on the Soma ES for a pair of 33.3mm Jack Browns. There’s a bit of a hop in the rear tire; not sure why yet. Might have something to do with trying to mount 33mm tires on 19mm rims — there’s barely enough width for the tube valve area.
  • This is the second road ride and the first long ride since the incident. Aside from having lost a good deal of fitness and having some odd sensations at various points of the ride, it appears that my body is recovering. I was slowish, didn’t climb very well, and everything is a little sore today. In other words, it’s like April.
  • I need to do something about the insoles in my shoes. I’m getting a hot/numb spot right behind the balls of my feet after about 65-70 miles.

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