Just tranquilo

Given that I’m still recovering a bit from the incident and that I haven’t felt much like riding long or hard lately, we really didn’t have much planned for this weekend.

So, we threw a little something together at the last minute, left more than 2 hours later than we normally do, and didn’t try to hard to get anywhere too fast. After a week of commuting and shake-down, I took the Devil out on the open road for the first time.

There were blue skies and smooth roads.

Black and blue

Beards were de rigueur.

Beard brigade

As well as wool, canvas, and steel.

Woolies (photo by Lemberger)

Not to mention a nice, long cafe stop at CamRock Cafe in Cambridge (though we could have done without the flummoxed kitchen and the gaggle of early teenage girls).

Fed and coffee’d in Cambridge

It was such a beautiful day, in fact, that even this looked attractive, in its own way.

Deer in the creek

There was even time for some on-the-bike yoga. Or something.

Michael is a warrior!

All in all, 50 miles or so at about 13.5mph. Sun, wind, clouds, coffee, sandwiches, bikes, friends.

A good day.

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