One-day vacation

For some reason, we don’t travel much any more. In part, it’s because we haven’t owned a car in years. But mostly it’s because we like where we live, don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of going somewhere else, and really like to sleep in our own bed.

Instead, we’re working on perfecting the one-day vacation.

Start with a beautiful Fall day.

Colors in the Arb

Take the day off work. Any day is good, but Fridays seem to work best.

Woolie, one-day vacationing

And proceed as follows:

  1. Wake up whenever and drink a pot of coffee (Revolution Roast in the Chemex).
  2. Don the wool and ride to 4 & 20 Bakery for breakfast. Eat an egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit. Drink a cafe au lait.
  3. Take some photos of one of the bikes.
  4. Ride through the park near the cafe, and through the neighborhood looking at houses and gardens and stuff.
  5. Ride some more and end up at the Chazen Museum of Art. Look at the angels from the Uffizi (underwhelming) and the British watercolours (excellent). Look at the watercolours again.
  6. Ride down the Lakeshore Path and sit on a bench watching the lake, fisherman, and the crews rowing and sculling.
  7. Ride through the rest of the western end of the UW campus, through the near west side, and through the Arboretum.
  8. Cut through Vilas Park and stop at ZuZu for lunch. Sit outside.
  9. Ride around Monona Bay, then around Lake Monona.
  10. Stop for ice cream at the slightly creepy place in Monona.
  11. Cruise home and enjoy a quiet evening with a bottle of wine and take-out from Lao Laang Xiang.
  12. Doze on the couch, tired, well-feed, and satisfied.
One-day vacationeer

One-day vacation, indeed.

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