Full Mooning

Whenever there’s a full moon — especially if it falls on a weekend — we try to go for a ride. This ride usually includes three things: the Badger State Trail, darkness, and beer.

This full moon ride was no different.

We left Madison in the early evening. The weather couldn’t have been better — 70 degrees at departure, dropping toward 40 on the return trip. Clear skies the entire time.

Rolling out, still light (photo by Nate Vergin)

Darkness fell.

Just after sunset (photo by Michael Lemberger)

We’d intended to stop for a beer at the Belleville Ale House. No such luck, because the owner doesn’t believe in keeping an open bar at 8pm on a Saturday evening. We called the mobile number he left; no answer.

The way is shut (photo by Nate Vergin)

We hope that the Belleville Ale House goes out of business quickly, so that someone who actually knows how to run a bar can buy it and turn it around.

So we detoured a mile or so, and acquired supplies.

Full metal (photo by Nate Vergin)

And rode south, through the Stewart tunnel, and stopped for a break.

Beer and other things (photo by Michael Lemberger)

And yes, we packed it all out. The other Steve was riding his Big Dummy, so we had ample cargo capacity for all the empties and the trash.

Seven riders, including one newbie. 50 miles, a case of beer + two bottles, two tubes of Pringles, a bag of chips, a bag of peanuts, some cookies, several strips of jerky, and one package of meat sticks and string cheese.

The whip

As usual, I rode the Albatross — it’s shod for gravel and the like. After riding it around quite a bit over the summer with platform pedals, I remounted the clipless pedals again and was reminded just how badly I need shorter cranks. To my great relief, I realized this morning that all I need to make that so is a 36t 100 BCD chainring, which I ordered immediately. The rest (Sugino crankset, BBG bashguard, Shimano UN52 BB) I have in the bin.

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