It’s been a long time — I don’t care to admit how long — since I’ve done any bike touring. That finally changed this past weekend, with a sub-24-hour overnight (S240) to Blue Mounds State Park.

I rode the Devil.

I packed just enough to get by. Tent, sleeping bag and pad, a spare baselayer and a warm coat, my Backcountry Boiler and coffee gear, and the usual toolkit and rainjacket.

After stopping for lunch at La Baguette (decent ham & gruyere sandwich, good coffee, and a divine chocolate eclair), we stopped at REI so that I could pick up a vapor barrier liner to give my warm-weather bag a little more cold-weather use.

Then we hit the Military Ridge Trail, which would take us all the way to BMSP.

Every now and then, we stopped for snacks.

Landjagers all around (photo by Lemberger)

There was a good deal of conversation.

Gab (photo by Lemberger)

We stopped at the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb for dinner and a pitcher of beer, then set up camp and got the campfire going.

There’s nothing quite like sitting around the campfire on a crisp fall night with friends, telling stories, eating cured meats, and drinking malted beverages.

By the time morning rolled around, we were jonesing for coffee, but all our efforts at heating water failed miserably. But never fear: Mt. Horeb and Schubert’s Diner are only a few miles back down the trail.

Well fueled, we rode home through the morning and arrived in Madison just as the tailgaters for the Badger football game were putting back their first beers (that is, about 10:30am).

And then we were home. When do we go again?

2 thoughts on “BMSP S240

  1. Michael (the other bearded guy) is riding a 2012 Surly Cross Check, Grant (the long-haired guy) is riding a 2012 Soma Saga, and I’m riding a 2011 Handsome Devil.

    All three of them have been on the road for a month or less.

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