Coffeeneuring, part 3: Java Cat

Another Sunday, another Sunday ride with the usual suspects.

But not the usual Sunday ride, because the weather was less than optimal. The radar for most of the ride looked something like this:

In other words, Rule 9 was in full effect. It often looked like this (especially through my glasses):

Diminished visibility (photo by Lemberger)

At other times, it was quite pleasant:

A beautiful Fall day (photo by Lemberger)

We’d originally planned a 66 mile route that took in Mt. Vernon, New Glarus, and Paoli but after about 20 miles we changed things up so that we could stay closer to town, taking us through Verona and then south of Madison on the CCT and through Monona. About 50 miles in the end.

As such, there was some question of whether we’d have a cafe stop at all. There was some talk of just riding on home (mostly from me, to be frank) and getting warm, but I quickly saw the error of my ways (with the help of my fellow riders).

After trying Crema Cafe but finding it too busy, we opted for Java Cat. Multiple drinks were in order:

The holy trinity: caffeine, chocolate, sugar.

For those of you playing along at home, that’s a large hot chocolate with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate and a double espresso chaser (and very wet cycling cap).

We ate and drank and grew warmer. Unfortunately, while we were doing that, the temperature dropped a bit, the wind kicked up, and the rain itself got much colder.

Luckily for me, Java Cat is only about a mile from my house. But it was a cold, wet mile to be sure.

2 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring, part 3: Java Cat

  1. You guys rode through Verona and didn’t come over and throw beer, or coffee, on me while blissfully suffering at the CX race??? Alas. ‘Twas a beautiful day, though.

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