MKS Slip Kings

Yeah, I know — according to Rivendell, they’re called Grip Kings (MKS calls them the Lambda).

MKS Lambda

But they clearly never rode them in the wet. Or, perhaps they did, decided they didn’t want anyone to die, and started selling a DIY spike kit for them.

After losing my footing more than a dozen times on the way home yesterday (once, both feet at once), I could take it no longer and went back to one of my favorite pedals of all time: the VP-001.


Oddly enough, it looks like the folks at Rivendell like them too — and they helpfully point out that they are thinner, grippier, blacker, and have smoother bearings (though to be fair, the MKS bearings are pretty damned smooth) — though they also whine a little about the price and the lack of reflectors.

Now, what am I going to do with the three pairs of MKS Lambdas that I have? Time to buy some spikes and get the drill turning, I guess. But until then, I’ll be riding the VP-001s.

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