Stuff I Like: Wooly Gloves

Fall is upon us. When the temperatures start dropping, I dig out my favorite riding gloves:

Fox River gripper glove

They’ve got it all: warm (but not too warm), grippy, comfortable, inexpensive, and easily repaired. They fit over a pair of regular cycling gloves, though I rarely wear them that way. And because they’re mostly wool, they have all of wool’s beneficial properties: insulating when wet, warm but ventilating, and odor-free — even when they haven’t had a chance to dry out for a few days.

And, they don’t look like cycling kit — because they’re not.

From damp and crisp fall weather to mid-winter snows with pogies to more damp and cold in the spring, these are the gloves I wear the most.

My current pair has been in use for about six years. They’ve lost about 2/3 of the rubber nubbles (another new word?) and have been repaired with random scraps of my wife’s yarn more than a few times. They’re also reaching the end of their useful life and I started searching for a replacement at my favorite local emporium (read: Farm and Fleet) — to no avail.

But all is not lost: Fox River Socks makes them in three sizes and sells them for a whopping 12 bucks a pair. I think I’ll buy two pair. Then I’ll be set for the next 15 years.

Note: This post is part of an ongoing series: Stuff I Like. These are unsolicited reviews of things that I use and like. In the unlikely event that anyone gives me something to review, I’ll make sure to let you know.

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