Coffeeneuring, part 5: Crema Cafe

We were supposed to fly to Baltimore this morning, but after spending the better part of yesterday being asked by one person after another why on earth we were flying somewhere that was about to be run over by a massive frankenstorm hurricane, we had a change of mind, and a change of plans.

Instead of spending the day engaged in all the questionable joys of air travel, it was time for some more coffeeneuring.

This time, K and I rode through our east Madison neighborhood to Crema Cafe — partly for coffee…

Coffee at Crema

And partly for breakfast…

Pork hash, poached eggs, and greens

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we watched a coyote trot along the shoreline of Lake Monona across the street from the cafe. Not a care in the world, it would seem, even though it was making its way past lakeside houses not thirty meters from a busy avenue in the middle of town.

After breakfast and coffee, we cruised through the neighborhood a bit more, and then went home, well-fed and well-caffeinated — and very nearly ready to make a grocery run to fill the bare shelves of our refrigerator.

Is it time for second breakfast yet?

Stats: About 6 miles; one cup of coffee; pork hash, poached eggs, and greens; one coyote; two bikes.

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