Coffeeneuring, part 7: Ironworks Cafe

Latte and nubbly wool gloves

We had our first snow of the year — a tiny little squall in the middle of a barely rain — this morning in Madison. But by the time came to leave the house for my biweekly needling (acupuncture, that is), the sun was shining and there was little wind. A day that called for only a layer of wool and ears covered, but nothing more.

If I hadn’t had an appointment, I’d have probably been out on the road, trying to get in a long ride on the pavement before things turn cold, windy, and rainy again. Such is Fall.

The alternative was just as good. Acupuncture, then a latte and a late (that is, 1pm) brunch at Ironworks Cafe.

About 5 miles, round trip. One latte, two poached eggs, a slab of ham, some fried potatoes, and one of the best biscuits I’ve had recently (even better than 4&20, I’d say).

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