Coffeeneuring, part 9: Lakeside Cafe

For my last coffeeneuring mission, I recruited Michael to go for a short, leisurely cruise. Michael then recruited Chuck, who I’d not ridden with in longer than it should be.

It was also what was probably — although who can say in this era of global weirding — the last warm fall day of the year.

Michael and Chuck

Chuck wins the prize for being the most nattily — and greyly — dressed.

We stopped at Lakeside Cafe for coffee and edibles.

The conversation was amusing and full of interesting things about things that are going on in the little world of bike things in Dane County.

The coffee was only so-so. Lakeside would appear to be one of the places where, if you want a cappuccino  you order a latte. If you want a latte, you’re out of luck.

The quiche was also disappointing, which is all the more disappointing because I was hungry, and really like quiche.

On the way back  home, my camera bounced out of the unlatched pocket of the boxy rando bag, and skittered across the road. Michael rescued it.

It still works:

Yep, still works.

Stats: About 15 miles, one mediocre latte, one disappointing quiche, one dented camera, and good conversation.

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