A post-ride ride in the snow ride

Instead of going for a regular sort of ride on the Ox yesterday, Grant proposed that we take in a movie, eat some tacos, and check out the newest micro-brewery in town. None of these things are tiring in and of themselves, until you factor in that I was sprinting around town on the low-geared single-speed fat-bike trying to keep up with a skinny-tired, geared rig on the pavement.

And while I was drinking my first Panzer Wolf at the Malt House, I agreed to go riding with Michael  today on one of the snow-covered rail trails. But when I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be rough. My legs were worked over and dead, and my right knee was still a bit stiff.

But off we went. The paved part of the BST was covered with a couple inches of fresh powder from yesterday’s snowfall. One fat-biker had been there before us, having ridden into town and then back out to his semi-rural abode near the trail.


We later learned he was riding a Moonlander shod with the new, huge Bud and Lou tires. We we just a little bit jealous of the extra fatness, at points where the snowmachines had chewed up the trail. And just generally.

Bike couch
Bike couch

At the Sun Valley Parkway bridge, after slogging through some mostly rideable snowmachine tracks, we rested.

Couched tea
Couched tea

So we drank some hot tea and then slogged our way back to the paved portion of the trail, and into town.

I’m not sure how far we rode, but my legs tell me that it was far enough. Two relatively hard rides — hard for entirely different reasons — in less than 24 hours has left me worked over and tired in the way that only playing in the snow can do.

And so it was good. And then there was coffee.

But tomorrow will be a day of rest. And bike cleaning, so that it’s ready for more riding and more and more riding. And because it’s really dirty.

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