Icy on the eve

The last ride of 2012 was very much like the first one. A casual solo ride on the winter commuter around the southern side of Madison. The conditions are rather different this time around. Instead of mid-30s and no snow, we’ve had nearly 20 inches of snow and it’s in the 20s with a windchill in the single digits.

That means there’s ice. Ice in my beard.

Ice beard
Ice beard

There’s also ice on the southern side of Lake Monona, so I did the first ice riding of this winter. Conditions are pretty decent, where the wind hasn’t blown the 2 inches of snow from the ice.

2012-12-31 14.30.03
Ice bike

The ice in my beard only continued to develop. But it never did become frosty.

Icier beard
Icier beard

And that’s all for 2012, folks. See you in the morning for the first ride of the new year.

Public Service Announcement

Due to the fact that our current mayor is a complete prick, the bike paths and side streets have been plowed only minimally, and are therefore snow- and ice-covered, somewhat slippery, and downright bumpy and dangerous. As such I suggest you do one or more of these things:

  • Contact the City and tell them to do a better job, as well as your Alder to let them know that bicycle infrastructure and residential side-streets require the same snow-removal as other streets.
  • Ride a fat-bike if you’ve got one (I didn’t today, and missed it most of the time).
  • Be careful out there.

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