Crossing into the New Year

In honor of a new year, Nate (edit: and Martha — how could I forget Martha?) put together a bandit-cross-like event for New Year’s Day. They marked out a course that used some of the walking trails in the snow behind Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and stomped down some other bits with snowshoes.

Nate gets 'crossy
Nate gets ‘crossy

I think the idea was to race, but it never really came to that. Instead, we rode through the snow for a couple of hours. Most of the trail was relatively packed snow singletrack.

Snow singletrack
Snow singletrack (photo by Nate Vergin)

We stopped after each lap, and sometimes during each lap, to document the occasion.

Making a photo of making a photo
Making a photo of making a photo (photo by Nate Vergin)

And to document each other documenting the occasion. It’s my theory that all of this photo-making was just to compensate for the fact that no one brought a flask.

Now everyone take one
Now everyone take one (photo by Nate Vergin)

After a couple of hours of riding around, most of the group went for warm drinks, a NYD potluck, and other festivities. Me? I went home for a beer, some reading and dozing, and some kimchi beef stew for dinner.

A good start to 2013 all the way around.

2 thoughts on “Crossing into the New Year

  1. I can’t take all the credit, the idea was cooked up between Martha and I… most likely while drinking. She helped create some of the trails as well. In any case, I’m glad everyone came out and made it a lot of fun!

  2. There was racing in the form of a time trial. I did the course in 5:30 and Grant did it in 5:24.

    Many thanks to the organizers for an excellent course, schedule of events and great weather!

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